Crazy Bulk Review: Is This the Best Legal Steroid Brand?

Whenever ‘steroid’ comes into discussion, it tends to create a great deal of controversy. Naturally, every supplement brand that is somehow associated with it is under public scrutiny. The same is happening to Crazy Bulk. Many people praise it while many others are either curious or doubtful.

If you are a skeptic or simply willing to find out more about this brand, you are invited to read the comprehensive review below. It will expose the concept and principles behind the products, as well as each of the top products available and the packages you can buy.

What is Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk was started in 2004, which means it has enough industry and market experience by now. It is a good thing to know this, the more years a brand has behind, the easier it is to trust it.

We are dealing here with a dietary supplements manufacturer that sells its products online only. Each of these is 100% natural, as it claims, and is the modern, safe and beneficial equivalent to one of the well-known steroids, like Clenbuterol, Winstrol etc.

Not all of them are made for bulking – some are for energy increase, for cutting, for improving the lean muscle mass only and more.

Although these supplements are described as pharmaceutical-grade, meaning very strong and concentrated, you do not need a prescription to buy them.

Besides their strength, what makes these products stand out is their total lack of side effects. Should there be any unwanted consequences, at least these will not be anywhere as rough as those consequent to steroid use.

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How Does It Work?

All Crazy Bulk products can be stacked. This means that you can safely employ 2 or more such supplements at once, without fear of interactions.

If you have complex fitness goals – for example to build lean muscle, lose fat at the same time and also obtain more energy for exercise, you can purchase the suitable bottles and combine these. This is called stacking. Or, you may order pre-made packages. You can read more about these below.

The Crazy Bulk formulations have rather sophisticated ways of working for your fitness goals. They provide key nutrition to the muscles, stimulate processes, influence hormones, enhance fat burning, eliminate excess water and much more.

They accomplish quite a lot. Each product has a series of active compounds that work together and have a complex action. Thus, you get a boost from several directions.

Through their influence, they will increase strength and push your rep range higher. Thus you can accomplish more than usual and push your muscles to do more and gain lean weight faster.

The Crazy Bulk range will also diminish your fatigue. This is mainly done through the stimulants in the formulations but not only. You will notice that tiredness sets in much later than usual and you can last longer at the gym.

The products rely on herbal extracts that work on subtle mechanisms like the fat burning and hormonal production. When the body becomes more effective at these, it can melt more of the adipose layer (stored fat) and build muscle with ease.

It is like offering additional support. The effects on the metabolism are quick to occur – these will be noticed within several days to a few weeks.

The supplements are suitable to both buffing up (if you focus on the bulking range) and for diminishing the fat layer, which is known as cutting to bodybuilders.

This process helps show the lean muscle you built underneath and get the much desired ripped look – defined, hard and toned. You can also choose to increase your strength or to give yourself a hormonal boost, which is going to snowball into a whole series of wonderful benefits.

Steroids have had a negative impact on the body’s own testosterone production, shutting it down. Crazy Bulk does not do that but the opposite – it provides herbal extracts that promote greater testosterone production, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of high testosterone, such as enhanced strengths, stamina and overall manliness.

For this reason, women should be very careful with the products they choose. Make sure to check the ingredients on the website before you order. These are visible in label screen shots posted on each product page on the brand’s official website.

Crazy Bulk Customer Reviews

It is quite difficult to distinguish between the real customer reviews and the fake ones, to be honest. Pretty much any new brand out there benefits of a ton of ultra-positive, 5 star reviews, usually written by associates or paid bloggers. A trained eye can tell, however, based on the tone that’s being used, which one is a fake review and which is genuine.

We found some reviews that don’t sound like a sales pitch; these even point out some of the possible downsides of Crazy Bulk products and their limitations, thus being far more useful and informative. Such feedback can be more reliable than the overly positive type of reviews out there, made to sell the products.

According to the users, Crazybulk supplements are, first of all, safe. Only overdosing has led to experiencing side effects. Naturally, too much of something can harm you.

When this happens with such formulations, you can have palpitations and agitation, if they’re stimulants, or you can become dizzy, nauseated, have diarrhea and muscle cramps. These have not been reported with regular, rational use though.

In addition, there were isolated cases of side effects such as increased body heat (a sign the thermogenetic ingredients for fat loss are working), higher blood pressure and anxiety (probably owed to the stimualnts present in certain formulations).

As for the positive effects, the Crazy Bulk line indeed works fast for those who have already set in place a training routine. In about 2 weeks, it is possible to see the first results, which places Crazy Bulk products among the quickest acting ones.

Moreover, the gains were surprising to some users. They noticed a muscular increase unlike before, which seemed more than they expected a natural product to provide. There were cases where consumers gained 15 lbs of lean muscle during the first month of supplementation.

There are many contradictory opinions. However, it is only normal for such products to work for some people and do nothing for others. The prospects are optimistic in this case.

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Crazy Bulk Products:

The existing confusion needs to be cleared. You will find no anabolic steroids at Crazy Bulk. Then why do we hear the word ‘steroid’ mentioned so often in relation to the brand? It is because it provides a legal steroid alternative.

However, the ingredients are natural. The most important thing about these is that they trigger similar effects to steroids, albeit in a milder and safer way. Thus, these lead to better protein synthesis, to a higher testosterone production and so on. They target the same processes as steroids, but not in the same manner and definitely not through the same substances.

Crazybulk D-balcrazybulk dbal

In a desire to copy Dianabol, D-bal mimics the action of Methandrostenolon. Its role is to retain superior quantities of nitrogen inside the muscle, thus boosting the process of protein synthesis.

The more protein the body can assemble on its own, the bigger and stronger muscles it builds. Has Tribulus terrestris extract

Crazybulk Trenoroltrenorol by crazy bulk

This is a powerful cutting agent that will trim your body. To see results, it is enough to go through 30-day cycle. It works on fatty areas all over the body, including the abdomen.

Thus, it makes you lose fat weight evenly. When you’ve worked out but the abs don’t show, take Trenorol to reveal that six-pack.

Crazy bulk Clenbutrolclenbutrol

It’s easy to see that this tries to be a Clenbuterol alternative.

It’s Crazy Bulk’s thermogenic supplement – the kind that increases your body heat internally, which has a direct effect on how efficiently you burn fat.

It also increases one’s metabolic rate, maximizing the fat burning speed.

Crazy bulk Decadurocrazybulk decaduro

If you’ve ever heard of the Deca-Durobolin steroid, this is a really safe alternative to it.

It also increases nitrogen retention inside the muscles, thus fueling muscle gains to reach superior levels.


Crazybulk Testo Max testo max crazybulk

A testosterone centered product, Testo Max packs more Tribulus Terrestris extract than most brands –  about twice as much.

This is a plant-based natural compound that increases testosterone levels, enabling men to work harder, feel better and become stronger.

It is what moves your muscle building limits forward. It’s one of the leading muscle gains supplements. There are no actual hormones in it, which makes it a very safe alternative to hormonal therapy and dangerous drugs.

Crazy bulk HGH X2 hgh x2 crazy bulk

HGH X2 Somatropinne works on your human growth hormone levels. The hormone is naturally produced inside the body, but production decreases dramatically even at a young age.

Supplementation is thus a brilliant idea and works wonders; HGH X2 rejuvenates the body and enables it to repair itself faster and to gain muscle weight much quicker.

Anadrole by Crazy bulkcrazy bulk anadrole

The alternative to A-DROL and Anadrol, it improves the oxygen flow to the muscles, thus boosting muscular nutrition and performance for longer workouts and stunning results.

It also acts in a way that enhances the masculine features, as it works on the androgenic hormones through its Tribulus terrestris extract. This is a well known compound to those who are boosting their testosterone levels naturally.

It can therefore be a great alternative to dangerous hormone supplementation therapies.

Crazybulk Winsolcrazy bulk winsol

Here comes the truly superior formula for cutting. It reminds people of Winstrol, which melted fat almost like heat melts butter and took the water out of the muscles, too.

It is the product that can eliminate puffiness and sort out the bulk, so you can keep the lean gains and get rid of the extra lipids that coat your muscles and hide them. It will definitely prevent you from looking bloated.

Crazy bulk Anvarolcrazybulk anvarol

This resembles the Anavar steroid when its comes to its energy boosting action. It is based on phosphorecatine, that creates ATP for better energy. It is extremely useful in cutting cycles.

How is Crazy Bulk Different?

Crazy Bulk stands out in two main ways: by creating all-natural supplements for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts and by giving these a potency great enough to be resembled to steroids. This also means a quick action.

Results begin to show in 2 to 4 weeks. In most cases you can see the ingredients but the brand does not disclose everything about its formulations. While this may be worrying to consumers, it is in fact a well justified practice in the industry.

When you disclose everything and your supplement is successful, then many others will begin to copy it and make an unfair profit on your ideas. For now, Crazy Bulk wants to avoid such competition and be a unique distributor on the market.

Apart from all that, the brand has created combinations of active ingredients to suit specific goals (bulking, cutting, testosterone boosting, energizing etc.). This is a targeted approach that is much appreciated by consumers. Additionally, different formulas can be stacked for better results, thanks to their great compatibility and synergic action.


Crazy Bulk is a courageous brand that has committed to a big goal: to deliver high quality supplements created with natural ingredients, that mimic the effects of the famous (and infamous) steroids.

The company also caters to many other fitness endeavors, such as losing weight, cutting etc. Therefore, whether you are an athlete, a bodybuilder who needs to commit to a strict schedule all year round or a simple person wanting to lose some at, you will surely find the help you need with Crazy Bulk and its generous line of products.

Steroids were surely spectacular and delivered incredible results, helping hopeless people eventually reach their desired level of fitness. But steroids were also extremely noxious through the terrible side effects they had.

Diseases and organ malfunction were not uncommon. Thus, people had to face a tough choice: getting a ripped body but risking (or downright destroying) their health or staying at the same inferior fitness level and never trying the steroids.

Now there’s a better alternative – anyone can order Crazy Bulk products and packages online and supplement without risk. It may not have exactly the same action and results but it is worth it if you want to go past your usual limitations that prevented you from getting ripped like fitness stars.

Should you buy Crazy bulk products?

Although it has been obvious to everyone by now that steroids are a bad choice and incur huge health risks, many bodybuilders are still attracted to the benefits and would be willing to take the risk.

Isn’t it surprising that people would face such trouble (also including the illegal aspect) just for the sake of gains? This gives us a glimpse of how strong the steroid effect is. Thus, it’s great news that a company like Crazy Bulk decided to produce similar products, yet 100% legal and without the noxious effects.

You should only order so-called legal steroids once you have understood what these are about and what they’re expected to do. If there is a match between your goal and the product’s action, feel free to try it out.

The risks are far lower than with any of the previous formulations bearing the ‘steroid’ title. The Crazy Bulk supplements aren’t steroids at all, yet their stunning effects have made many reviewers and users call them as such.

If you’ve been looking for rapidity and effectiveness, here they are, finally. On top of that, you get formulas with mostly natural and beneficial ingredients that have close to no chance to harm your health.

Be warned that Crazy Bulk products will not work on their own in most cases. You have to do the sensible thing and make the needed changes in your life. However, you don’t have to make massive ones.

Just do your best to improve your diet (perhaps start by ‘cleaning’ it from junk food) and to exercise regularly. The level off exercise will depend on your desired goal.

If you want to build lean muscle, then you must adopt the lifestyle o a bodybuilder and go to the gym often, lifting progressive weights and eating right. The more your life and approach have improved, the better results you begin to see.

If you are particularly sensitive to steroids, you should read the labels of the products you are interested in, understand their action and decide whether those are suitable to you or not.

Many contain stimulating agents for higher energy levels and that can trigger unwanted effects in sensitive people. When you happen to be the type who cannot tolerate coffee, coke and other caffeinated drinks such as energizers, then you probably won’t handle stimulating fitness supplements, either.

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